Cub Scout rank advancement deadlines

I am looking for a simple clarification on the deadlines for rank advancement. June 1 was always used as our date to promote dens even though our school year in Texas usually ends earlier in May. This has always worked fine…until this year for some reason.

We are specifically wondering about a few of our Webelos scouts who have not finished but they want to finish before starting their AOL work.

BSA Guide to Advancement: “Do Your Best”
In the same spirit as “Do Your Best,” if a Cub Scout is close to earning a badge of rank when it is time to transition to a new den, the pack committee, in consultation with the den leader and the Cub Scout’s parent or guardian, may allow a few weeks to complete the badge before going on to the next rank.
Earning it will give the youth added incentive to continue in Scouting and carry on and tackle the next rank.


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