Does promoting a Den prevent a Cub from finishing prior rank?

I am familiar with BSA Guide to Advancement “Do Your Best”. In that spirit, we have one Tiger that seems eager to finish. Is there a way to do den promotions while still honoring “Do Your Best” so that this one Cub can officially earn Tiger? I don’t want to lock them out inadvertently. Yet I don’t want to impede the others who completed their ranks from having dens promoted and the new rank adventures being officially available (nor blocking out any June Pack activities from Summertime Activity Award for their new rank they are working towards).

We have a Webelos Cub with similar status, but Scoutbook already allows access to AOL completions (and we adhere to finishing Webelos first, before working on AOL requirements).

In a nutshell, what does a den promotion actually do within Scoutbook, IA, etc.?

@KennethCrannell you can enter in past advancements for cubs

Thanks. Scoutbook has some background changes that are not always obvious. We’ve been fortunate to have our entire Pack advance (that wanted to), so never explored modifying past advancements. We’ve typically treated den promotion as making an irretrievable change.

We have a similar situation, so we have two Tiger dens at the moment. One that has just been promoted and one that is finishing up. Bonus - it gave us a chance to have both dens work on an elective together. I’d like to know more, though, about promoting a den before the last cub is done
When you say that you can enter past achievements, does that mean that when they complete the requirements, you need to back date them to before the date of the promotion? Or can the actual date be used even though the den says the child isn’t in that rank anymore?

simplest for you to go look at a Webelos or Bear - go to Advancments and you can see and enter Wolf, Tiger, Lion stuff if you want.

There are no date restrictions for this

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