May 31, 2024 Scoutbook & Scoutbook Plus Updates - New Cub Scout Program

The new Cub Scout program, effective June 1, 2024 is now available in Scoutbook Plus. With this release all Cub Scout advancement tracking has been moved from the legacy Scoutbook user interface to the new Scoutbook Plus User Interface.

Clicking on any Cub Scout advancement link in the legacy Scoutbook user interface will direct the user to Scoutbook Plus.

Advancement for the old Cub Scout Program can be entered with completion dates through August 31, 2024 to allow Cub Scouts the opportunity to complete their current rank if they have an extension from their Pack Committee.

Leaders can promote/demote/edit dens in Scoutbook Plus. If a den is promoted in error, Scoutbook Plus provides the ability to demote the den without having to create a new den. Click the 3 vertical dots next to a Scout on the roster then select Edit Den.

You can also organize by Dens by clicking the “Den” text in the red banner.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 10.06.03 AM

Note: The version of ranks and adventures that have not been started will automatically change to the 2024 version when the den is advanced. If you previously advanced your den following the 2024 school year, you will need to manually switch all ranks and adventures to the 2024 version.

For help with Cub Scout advancement in Scoutbook Plus see

Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Introduction to Scoutbook Plus for Packs - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

What’s in a name? Scoutbook is undergoing some naming changes. The traditional tool that has gone by the name in the past is still called Scoutbook. Internet Advancement is being renamed Scoutbook Plus. You will be utilizing…

Est. reading time: 15 minutes

Known Issues that are being worked on.

  • All Ranks Requirement #1 and #2 do not auto complete when the 6 required Adventures and 2 elective Adventures are complete.
  • Adventures do not auto approve when all requirements are marked approved.
  • In some cases there is a minor lag when viewing youth Scout Summary page and active versions of the advancement on the Scout’s record.
  • Old Rank versions of Webelos and AOL are missing some Elective Adventures.
  • Den Leaders can record advancements for all scouts in unit.
  • Some rank and adventure images are not displaying properly.
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