Cubs Can Code

I have been waiting for an update on the Cub Scout Nova Award “Cubs can Code”.

This Award was released by the BSA in February. And I still do not see it as an option in Scoutbook.

I was following a previous thread on this topic, so I would know when this award was updated! However I see that the previous thread has been closed.

I don’t understand why 5 months later it is still not in Scoutbook.

Unfortunately the STEM/Nova program team does not notify IT before they release new awards. The Scoutbook development team does not find out about these awards until a volunteer asks about them.

The new Nova awards are in development and will be released soon

Ed, thank you for the quick response. However, that is the same response that was given in March. Four months, feels like the Nova awards are on the back burner when compared to other updates to Scoutbook.

There were multiple Nova awards released at the same time and several had complications that are causing them all to talk longer to be released. The last issues found and fixed are being tested. We hope to release them soon.

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