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New Nova Awards

I apologize if this was in the Legacy Logs already, I did not see it here in the new ones. Wondering if there was an ETA for the new Nova Awards?

Many have been released - which ones are you looking for? The NOVA group has a way of releasing things without telling anyone - lol

Cub Scouts Can Code (specifically - there may be others too but that’s the one I needed :wink: )

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“Cub Scouts Can Code” is currently in development. We do not know when it will be released. Hopefully soon.

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Per that website, the “Cubs can code” seems to be live. I ran a nova event yesterday for that award. I would really like to make sure the scouts have it properly tracked and such.

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Yes, we agree. “Cub Scouts Can Code” is currently in development, along with several other Nova awards. We do not have an expected release date.

Per the official facebook page it was released Feb 18, 2019

By release date, I was referring to when it will be supported in Scoutbook.

I’m confused about why there’s two release dates?

If Scoutbook is the official and preferred way to record advancement then approval of the Scoutbook aspect should be a pre-req before any advancment or award is announced as available to earn by all youth.


@KevinCarlyle SUAC agrees - talk to National - the NOVA folks seem to release things without telling anyone


Just want to make sure I am following this thread.

I have 7 Webelos that have complete this award 2 months ago with our packs STEM Coordinator. But I can not officially record it.

Scoutbook Support, please post an update when this award is active in the system.


When the new NOVA awards are supported in Scoutbook, an announcement will be placed in the Change Log.

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As a lifelong software developer, I see this WAY too often. Someone on the business side developed new stuff. And they didn’t actually think about the end-to-end dependencies required to make this happen. In order to support any award, the development team of Scoutbook has to make changes to support it. No one told them, so it won’t be ready until they can implement the change, test it, and follow all of their processes and procedures. Thus, a delay. Myself, as an advancement chair, I’m spending my time complaining up to Nationals on this.


For now you just have to submit it on paper. They can still get the award. Once it’s in scoutbook you can just add it in as awarded.

One problem is that the Novas and Supernoves are Awards. I asked the National Advancement Committee why there can’t be a note about these in the quarterly Advancement News email that National sends out. The reply was that “we only deal with requirements, those are awards.” There does not seem to be a method that the National STEM Committee has for getting info out. Even the BSA STEM Facebook page is not official. It’s run by volunteers. The only official page is the one on National’s site. And there seem to be no warnings or ways to have warnings.

The STEM committee needs to work this through their contacts at National. The BSA is like any big company. There are many silos and to get things done you need to figure out who oversees the silos.

Nova Splash is not available to be recorded, however I have a scout that earned it last week.
What should I do?

You can submit it on paper. We had to do that for cubs can code. when they get it updated you can just enter it into scoutbook as awarded.

You can use the Unit Advancement Report form to submit it (on paper) to your council or you can wait until it becomes available in Scoutbook.

There are new Nova’s for Scouts BSA as well that are missing. One of the reasons we switched to Scoutbook was for the reporting capability, not for the do it by hand, then enter later method.

Any ideas on when this will be updated yet?