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Custom and Local Awards

What are the plans to add custom awards? We use our current management system for leaders to submit awards including local awards like segments, for our advancement chair to purchase and distribute on a monthly basis. If we do not have this ability in Scoutbook then we have to have 2 different ways to submit awards.

Would be as simple as allowing each pack to create a custom list that allows leaders to award them. You do not need to preload all of the awards. Or allow leaders to submit a custom award and put the title in at the time of submission that shows up in a report.

This request Has previously been requested, but this is not something that would be considered until all national awards are in Scoutbook. Even then, I’m not sure, since Scoutbook is the official advancement system of the BSA.

The workaround is to add local items in the notes section of the Purchase Order.

OK. But how would that work? Can Den Leaders create purchase orders that can get consolidated for the Advancement Chair?

Our monthly workflow is: Den Leaders record achievements including any local patches (we use segments extensively for brag vests) >> Advancement Chair creates purchase list and goes to store to buy patches >> Advancement chair gives purchases to den leaders for distribution at pack night

How would the den leader indicate who earned the local awards and get that information to the advancement chair for purchase?

My units use e-mail for that purpose.