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Scoutbook and Advancements

This is our first year using scoutbook. When den leaders enter achievements earned by their scouts, does this automatically sync with BSA? Or is there a report that I need to run as the advancement chair? We previously used scouttrack. Thanks!

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When items are marked Approved (the final date) and as long as the Scouts are synced (A with Circle around it by name) the data will be official for them.

You then go to Needs Purchasing Report, add the items to the purchase order, on that page you can get the Advancement Report for the Council.

Take a look at help.scoutbook.com

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Thanks. I’m going to review the video. Unfortunately, I already approved and awarded the achievements so when I go to needs purchasing report, there is nothing there. So I don’t know how to get to the official advancement report.

if you click awarded they will not go to a purchase order and therefore no Advancement Report. But the Advancement Report is now just for purchasing if you are using Scoutbook.

Ok great. Wasn’t sure if I needed to turn in something else, or if just awarding the achievements in scoutbook was enough.

My council (Del-Mar-Va) still wants the Advancement Report, and they want it on paper. They use it to update their own records.

The Scout Shop nearest me is run by National Supply and is within Del-Mar-Va’s geographic boundaries. They require Del-Mar-Va units to turn in an Advancement Report when purchasing rank advancement badges in order to comply with the council’s wishes.


Correct, many councils want the paper advancement report in order to purchase awards. My council still requires them but when they see the Scoutbook logo on the bottom, they know they are already in the system.

The discussion here is for awards that are already presented. Since they have already been purchased, an advancement report must have been turned in, thus an additional report is not required.

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