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Awards not listed

Hi, I’d like to be able to add some National BSA awards that are currently not listed such as BSA caving.
I’d like to be able to awards that local councils award to scouts at summer camp such as the highly prestigious Pipe Stone from Seven Ranges in Ohio, the Oak Leaf from Camp Bucoco in PA, and some other special awards earned only at local camps.
The boys work hard to earn these awards and we should be able to list them for their resumes.
TroopMaster has a “user defined” awards section and I feel Scoutbook should, as well!
Ray Hoffman CC Troop 53 Butler, PA

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I like the idea of a free-form list of local awards.

Scoutbook is intended to record and hopefully support advancement. BSA needs to determine how they are going to support recording other national awards.

2016-02-23: Scouting Awards Inventory 2016
Scoutbook needs to identify all awards before they can add them. Awards for Scouts, Scouters and units are included in this inventory.

Unfortunately the BSA Awards Central web page and Guide to Awards and Insignia web page do not list all awards.

This thread is intended to list all the Scouting awards I have been able to find. Merit Badges are excluded. A few advancement “awards” (for example the Venturing program core advancement awards) have been included to document them. It is not the intention of the list to document advancement requirements.

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A free form award creation would be wonderful. As a scout book admin, I should be able to add a local award with the ability to list and individually check off requirements for each scout. For example, the Pennsylvania State Fish and Boating Commision has an award that I now must track separately for each scout. Since it is merit badge driven, I use a report to determine who has the merit badges but I have no way to track which of those scouts has received the actual award.

There are no plans at this time to add free form awards to Scoutbook. Scoutbook is the official tracking system of the BSA. Only official, national BSA awards are tracked.

I do not envision the BSA entertaining a request for free form awards in Scoutbook until all national BSA awards are properly tracked.

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