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Cyber Chip Recharge Recording

Refreshing this request since the old forums have been closed: It would be good to add a feature to recharge Cyber Chip instead of placing notes or just re-approving all reqs again by the new date. Will be good to have a history. Cyber chip can be recharged two or three times depending on the grad level, so why is their not that ability in SB?

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There is already an item in the development backlog to add support for Cyber Chip recharge. We do not know if or when this will be scheduled for development.

The BSA never tracked Cyber Chip recharges in ScoutNET so the capability was not added to Scoutbook.

I have scouts watching Scoutbook and it tells them when it is expired, so they recharge. Just because it was never done before, does not negate the need to do it now. It is required twice in the rank advancement program and would be good to have a clean way to record all of a Scouts history if Scoutbook is to be the one true location for scout records. I understand the backlog, but this should not be an ‘IF’ but rather a ‘when’ this is added to Scoutbook.

Marty Vreeland

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My opinion

I believe there is a challenge in determining what to track

I suspect there may be contract issues and changes in the Cyper Chip program which require BSA program changes. BSA IT may not want to implement a tracking system for an old sub-program if it is in the the process of changing. I suspect there is a requirement to meet the need of all Scouting programs.

I remember Cyber Chip being discussed previously. There is a teaching requirement in at least one of the Scouting programs. I do not know how this teaching requirement is affected by Covid-19.

Some References - Cyber Safety

It isn’t affected. Scouts have done this over Zoom due to online meetings.

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Yep, the only thing that really changed for us is that we made our whole Troop recharge at the same time. They watched the videos together, our SPL and Webmaster led the discussion, and then each Patrol did a Zoom skit (though the skits were more “read the script” than “act it out”…).

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