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Cyber Chip Recharge/Award Add

There is not a “RECHARGE” option in the awards section for Cyber Chip award. When a scout has reached the one year renewal/recharge date there is a note stating the expire date or that is has expired and needs recharge.

When a scout has recharged, is the new date just entered as the new completion date to regenerate the countdown calendar again until next recharge is needed. (9 - 12 grade)

OR just leave it with original date and expired note and just put the date(s) in the notes? Would be really great to have recharge button option either way.


In pack, I simply reentered the new completion date each year to recharge.
In the troop it is more confusing.
Scouts crossing from AOL have earned cyberchip for their grade level and often complete scout rank (where first earned in troop) before their Cub chip expires. We Mark 6th grade chip starting with the scout rank req.

We have trouble getting scouts to renew their chips between the scout and Star ranks.
It’s further confusing because eager scouts can complete Star rank before before reaching the 9th grade chip.

If I can figure out which grade they are in (not always evident), I replace the date on recharge until they jump to 9th grade level.

For simplicity, can BSA eliminate the different grade level awards and retain only a cyberchip req at each rank for their current grade?

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