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Cycling hours time slot

In order to get your national outdoor award for riding, you have to document hours you have to complete (200) so it would be awesome to document that just like camping, hiking, service. Maybe the same thing with aquatics. Right now we just have a page in the back of his book for this, but to be able to see it online would help. Otherwise the site is awesome!!

Expanding the logs is in the development backlog. We do not know when it will be implemented.

In the meanwhile, you can use the hiking log, and put a note in the entry that it was cycling.

One of the things that we have been doing is having the scouts add their cycling miles to the notes in Cycling MB and/or the NOAA (Riding) so that it doesn’t have to be “pulled out” of the hiking logs later, assuming that the revised log system (whenever it arrives) preserves the data previously entered.

Looking at the National Outdoor Awards, cycling (Riding) only requires miles - not hours. Other NOA awards (Aquatics, Conservation, etc.) do require hours.

Yes but just want somewhere to document them at besides the back of his book

OK, but miles, not hours, correct?

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