Delete Merit Badges Opened in Error

On my son’s BSA account ( SB User ID: 7151341 / BSA Member ID: 133196221), there are 5 Merit Badges that were opened in errors in his Advancement tab, they are:
(1) Automotive Maintenance
(2) Animal Science
(3) Archeology
(4) Robotics
(5) Electronics

He contacted his advancement chair and asked her to delete those MBs in errors, and she said she could not find a way to delete those off his records. Can you please help?

Many thanks.

Dr. Le


Click on Percent Complete on the MB you want to delete. On the pop-up window will be a button to remove MB.

It didn’t show any option for delete, Ed.



This is what you should see when you click on Percent Complete on a MB.


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@AnthonyLe - that method of deleting does indeed work for a parent, advancement chair and scoutmaster. In the end it does no harm for them to be listed on the record except perhaps it becomes cluttering.

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Hi Ed,

Thanks for the screenshots. It didn’t show up like that on my end.

It showed below:

It didn’t show the option to delete.



You have to click on Percent Completed in your 2nd to last screen shot.

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Thanks Ed.

They were successfully removed.

You were right. Now I was able to figure it out.

Thanks for your help, Ed.


Yes, it worked.

Thanks Ed for this great help.


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