Delete Past Scout Payment Logs

Is there a way to quickly delete past scout payment logs? Going in 1 by 1 seems a little time consuming.

There is a button at the bottom of the payments log to delete all transactions, and you can do so for each individual Scout’s payment log too. Please see the below screenshot.


Deleting all transactions is not an option as I have 119 current scouts and don’t want to rebuild all of their transactions. Deleting old scouts 1 by 1 is a daunting task as there are 247 of them. I was hoping for an option to delete all past scout transactions. Many of these were before the new payment log and it is making reconciling balances a challenge.

I just checked, and there doesn’t seem to be a built-in option to do that. The only workaround I can think of if you don’t want to remove the old Scouts from Scoutbook altogether is to export all of the payment logs as a CSV, then remove the old entries using Excel or similar, then clear your unit’s logs and re-importing the updated CSV. It’s a bit complicated but it’s more efficient than deleting the logs one by one.

Best of luck to you in your payment log journey! :grinning:

So I have the logs exported and cleaned up, but when I go into unit transactions and try to delete it says there aren’t any. It appears they are all at the scout level. Do I have to go into each scout and delete 1 by 1?

Did you already clear your unit transactions? If so, you only need to re-import the cleaned-up CSV. If not, please follow the screenshot instructions below to see if they work.

If you’ve already cleared transactions, skip Step 1. I suspect that may be your issue, but in case it is not, I have also included instructions on how to clear your existing payment log so you don’t get duplicate payments.

So we don’t have any unit transactions, but we have all of the individual scout transactions. i am worried that by uploading the transactions that it will duplicate in the individual scout records.

Let me try importing in my testing environment without clearing to see if it will duplicate. I’ll get back to you in a minute.

Note: When downloading payment logs as a CSV, ensure you download from Search Payment Logs (which I’m sure is what you did anyway), as it shows individual transactions too, not just unit transactions.

So the individual scout transactions update the financial information section of the pack payment log, but the payments don’t show up on the pack payment log.

For Example, I go into scout 1 and create an amount owed for annual dues, that shows up in the receivables. When I create the entry on the scout for the payment the receivables decrease and cash increases, but there are no pack payment log entries, only at the scout level.

Is there a disconnect somewhere or am I missing something?

Yes. Scoutboook is designed so each Scout has a private payment log (I.E. Individual summer camp payments) and the unit has a general payment log (I.E. the Unit’s summer camp payment) but I don’t think there’s a way to clear everyone’s payment log so you can re-import the corrected file. Perhaps the SUAC has a better answer to this question? @DonovanMcNeil @jacobfetzer @JenniferOlinger

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If it was me, I wouldn’t try to clear all former transactions. I’d just add one zeroing entry per former member. There’s not currently an easy way to do this, but I’d start with a payment log report (summery) so you can at least see which scouts don’t have zero balances and focus on those.


It might be even easier than I said.

Start with search unit payment logs and filer on past scouts. Then right click on all the names with a balance and select open link in new tab.

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