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Deleteing Calendar events created through Scoutbook for Den leaders

As others have mentioned you can move these National forced meetings to 2010 or 2023 to clear the current year calendar. National has no insight into our pack functions, meeting times, locations, or anything that they have auto-generated.

This has already lead to significant confusion with parents about days activities will occur on and meeting times.

I am wiping the slate clean and starting fresh as I do each year.

If we train our leaders we do not need a forced calendar. My hour this week is cleaning this up.

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Just to Add a comment that I don’t thnk I saw addressed - deleteing the den in Scoutbook will not remove the Calendar event created in the Den Leader Experience will not clear those events from the calendar. After “playing” with a new den I deleted the den and move the scouts to a whole new den and teh calendar events are still showing up for the deleted den. This might be the worst tool ever created…

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Thank you, I will let the developers know

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