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Ability to delete calendar events populated in calendar from Den Leader portal

Could someone explain to me why all these are closed when there is clearly still a problem that needs to be resolved? I need a way to delete all the events populated by the den leader portal. I don’t need to hear excuses from people that come up with them to justify one thing or another. To me if people are having an issue then until the issue is resolved it should remain open. Over a year of people dealing with the same problem the best solution is coming up with a sandbox environment for people to play around on is a poor use of time in my opinion. Sidestepping the problem and coming up with more time consuming tasks for volunteer leaders is also not a good solution as all you are doing is stressing out new and old leaders. The best option is to make a way to edit without limitation the events and be able to delete them since not all the meetings will happen the way anyone thinks they should. Most of the comments I have read after over a year of the same problem shows an inability to take care of the people that actually use the system.


We have argued with the BSA since the Den Leader Experience was in development that users needed and wanted a way to delete calendar entries. They have always said they will not provide delete capability. The BSA does not see this as a problem. This is why I tell everyone taking my Scoutbook classes to avoid the Den Leader Experience.


What is the contact person at the BSA? I think people deserve to know who is responsible for not getting such a useful and simple request in place when it is available and could be easily implemented.



You will need to work through your council to provide feedback.

You can remove the Den Leader Experience calendar events by going to the Scoutbook calendar and click Hide DLE or Hide Den Leader Experience.

Does hiding these events stop them from informing the families?

Yes, that is my understanding.

So now how do I get the ones I want back on?

You don’t. If you hide DLE events, they are all hidden. You can manually create duplicate events in the Scoutbook calendar if there are some you still want.

Ed you give very little information on your statements. You say the BSA doesn’t see this as a problem yet it is documented as a problem in more than enough posts to constitute it being a problem. Does the BSA have a good understanding of the issue or is the SUAC ineffective at presenting the issue at hand. When you use words like argue it makes me feel that the communication between SUAC and BSA is not very good. It’s very troubling to see that in two years after knowing there was users with the same issue that has not been resolved is still not resolved today. It shows complacency on the part of the SUAC and I feel this should be an easy fix. It seems like the coding is more than readily available and the request would be easy to implement. Is this a situation in which someone is trying to justify their job so they are saying certain things are not possible so they come up with solutions that don’t necessarily solve the entire problem but it does solve a portion of it. I mean hiding the DLE is a solution but it had to take time for someone to write the code when just unlocking the functions would have been faster. I want to understand why the BSA doesn’t view this as a problem and the only way to do that is to hear it from them directly. So what is the name and contact information to the person or people responsible for making this particular decision?


Ed gave you the answer. The only support channels available now are either the SUAC or your local Council. Since you’re not satisfied with the SUAC response Ed gave you, you need to ask you local Council for additional support.


The SUAC members are limited on the information we can provide to users. This includes the names and contact information for BSA staff. SUAC members have spent hours sitting in meetings discussing DLE and in each one of them, other SUAC members and I have stated the critical need to be able to delete individual events or the entire year and start over. Outside of meetings we have made it clear users want and need delete capability. The group at the National Council that commissioned DLE, does not want events deleted.

I am not permitted to go into more details than this. Believe me, I am as frustrated with DLE as you.


You can also move the meetings you don’t need to the past.

If I move the meetings to the past, will it stop the notices to the den?

Yes, it is supposed to

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I feel the same frustration. If you are able to create something, you should be able to delete it. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever used. Stay away from Den Leader experience. What a waste of money that I’m sure our constantly raising dues paid for.


As an programmer I am beyond annoyed. This is the worst coding and customer service I have seen. Yes I removed from being seen but I dont trust that my parents still do not see it or get the alerts that are queued up. I find myself removing the reminders month by month just in case.

Part of the problem is that you do not understand what is even going to be setup. There is no control at all. All or nothing is BS and they know it. Either take it down or fix it. Us volunteers do not have time to deal with this.


I would like to think positively about Scoutbook but sometimes it’s very difficult. I find it to be very useful, just not always user friendly or intuitive to use. That being said, I clicked on that den leader experience one time and it was a nightmare. I don’t see myself trying it again anytime soon.


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