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Ability to delete calendar events from new Den Leader portal

The new Den Leader app looks decent but we have leaders that use their own schedule. When they logged into the Den Leader app and tried to create a meeting calendar the app pre-populated all of the meetings. We now are unable to delete these events from either the Den Leader app or regular scoutbook. Please fix this ASAP


Meetings created with the Den Leader Experience app cannot be deleted, however the Den Leader who created them can move them into the past with the app. This is done by opening the list of meetings and click Edit Date.

We are hearing that soon you will be able to hide them from the Scoutbook calendar.

More information may be found at:

Bill Nelson, Scoutbook User Advisory Council

@WilliamNelson I hope that by “hide” you mean “delete”. I have a Wolf den with no new members this year. I need to be able to delete the “Bobcat” meeting since I will never hold it. Will hiding it reduce the number of meetings so that it doesn’t impact the Scouts’ attendance records? Right now, I keep pushing these planned meetings into the future, because they aren’t in the order we’ll be doing them, and our schedule is still being worked out.


It doesn’t even let me select a past date in the DLE app. All past dates are grayed out.

Honestly, this entire feature is not going to be helpful at all if we can’t edit what requirements/activities we’ll be working on at which meeting.


At the present time it looks like you can’t move them into the past. Best you can do is move them to tonight.
Development is actively working to make is so you can move them into the past soon. Keep an eye on the change log, which is here

I have experienced this issue as well. Please allow leaders to delete these calendar entries. It’s a huge oversight to not allow users to remove these entries. As @RhondaEash stated, we can’t move these dates into the past.

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@WilliamNelson Moving them into the past isn’t really helpful, especially since it will cause our Scouts’ participation percentages to go down. The ability to delete them is what is really necessary. Please pass along this concern.

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Experiencing same problem. Pre-populating our calendar with events that have no relation to our actual schedule - and giving us no ability to change them - is a huge problem. This needs to be fixed now - or turn off the beta until it works.


If you login via the regular Scoutbook (not via the Den Leader login), you can move the meetings to a date in the past, like a year ago. The Den Leader interface constrains your ability to change dates.

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I finally was able to do this through Scoutbook, however when I tried to do this before it wouldn’t let me.
When I tried to do it through the Login for Den Leaders it would only let me go back to Aug 22, 19.

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Would it be of benefit to allow meetings created in the Den Leader Experience to be hidden and all notifications turned off in Scoutbook?

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Not really. What is needed is for this tool to be redesigned so that it allows den leaders and pack leaders to develop meeting schedules that fit the needs of their Scouts and families. Until that happens, those of us with experience as Cub Scout leaders have to tell new den leaders to avoid using Den Leader Experience or if they do use it, to be extremely cautious and understand that they cannot make mistakes.


This function of creating den meetings with zero control over them once they are created is useless. I am new to Scoutbook and honestly I wish we weren’t transitioning to it. You need to give more control to den leaders or pack leaders, especially with the calendar and meetings. I am able to move around the meetings for the “boys” den I am a leader of, but the “girls” den won’t let me change because it keeps telling me to “invite at least two active leaders” but our den HAS two leaders, and there is not the ability to change the invitees, so how am I supposed to do that? USELESS.

Why is there no ability to change the invitees? You could invite the parents.

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Within the event on the den leader (beta) there is no option to invite anyone that I can see, and when I edit the event on scoutbook, the invitees button is grayed out and it says you can only update location and date. Where do I invite people?

Also, we don’t always do the adventures in order (the first adventure involves camping which we don’t do until 3rd month, but its the first adventure so we skip it). So numbering the meetings in order makes it confusing when you change when they are scheduled. Our first den meeting is labeled as “Meeting 7” and I’ve had to explain to new parents that no they haven’t missed 6 den meetings, they are just out of order.

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Got it. I misunderstood where you were on that one. The Den Leader experience won’t let you change dates without 2 leaders?

Couple of issues I have now are:

  1. As the weather changes and a meeting has to be canceled due to unsafe driving conditions, a meeting can not be postponed. As it is setup now you can not cancel a meeting and have it and all the meeting shifted by one week.
  2. If a meeting night that is auto generated by the new Den Leader and it falls on a Holiday, for example this year Halloween is on Wednesday and it scheduled a meeting for that night, I cannot for one delete it or have it skip that meeting and shift the planned meeting activities to the next week.
  1. You can postpone a meeting, that is move it into the future. The other meetings don’t automatically shift up a week though. They are looking into how they might provide that functionality.
  2. See #1. The purpose is not to delete a meeting since that would mean you would end the year with a gap in the requirements necessary for a rank. You want to make sure you get all the requirements in.

@WilliamNelson I understand the logic behind idea that we can’t delete a meeting or else we’d have a gap in the requirements. However, if I don’t have any new Scouts, I don’t need a meeting dedicated to the Bobcat requirement. Additionally, as has been posted in various threads, it seems that many Dens handle the Faith-based Adventure Loop as a project for the family, and don’t actually do it at a meeting. That causes meetings that won’t be used to be in the system. There needs to be flexibility in the system. A Den Leader may also decide that they want to, or need to, combine/reorder the activities from the meetings. It isn’t changing the requirements, but for some reason the plan doesn’t work for them. They need the flexibility to adjust.