Deleting Meetings in Denleader version of Scoutbook


I am looking for some help in trying to delete meetings in the Den Leader version of Scoutbook. When I created the den, it auto generated all of the meetings and what would be covered in those meetings. This is not the schedule we keep, and Scoutbook keeps sending out pre-generated emails to my Den’s parents. There is much confusion around this and I cant seem to figure out how to delete the meetings.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Vickie DiCamillo

I seem to recall that you can’t delete the DLE meetings, but you can move them into the past. I think that stops the reminders from sending.

Or I think if you use the Scoutbook Calendar Hide DLE feature it will solve it

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Hi, I’m not sure it’s related but I’m unable to cancel meetings that I’ve set up. It wasn’t in the DLE version. The option to cancel or edit the meetings has just disappeared and it’s making it very difficult to message out to parents.

Can anyone help?


@ElizabethJennings to delete you first have to EDIT the event in calendar - then go to bottom to Delete it

**The trouble that I am having is when I added a scout to the den leader experience, it put him in the wrong pack. We recently transferred packs and it showed him in the new one on scoutbook, but when I added him to the den leader experience it put him back with the old one, and he’s still in the new one…how do I fix this?

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