Den Advancement question

I don’t know if anyone has seen this before? I advanced my TIger den and it advanced them 2 spots to the Bear den. How can I change them back to Wolves?

If you advance a den twice or for some other reason need to move the den back a rank, follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new den (use the Add Den button under the list of dens on the Pack page for the correct rank.
  2. After creating the den, click on the den and move Scouts to the new den with the Reassign Scouts button
  3. Add adult leaders to the den
  4. Go back to the pack page and click on the den you created previously, it should be empty of Scouts now. Click on each leader (if any are still there) and end their leadership position in that den only.
  5. Once all Scouts and leaders are out of the incorrect den, you can remove the den by clicking on the den, clicking Edit Den and then Disapprove den.


You need to create a new Wolf Den then go to the roster, use Reassign Scouts to move the Scouts into it. After this is done and the leaders assigned new positions in the den, go to the old den, click Edit Den and Disapprove Den.

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