How to fix den advancement mistake?

I went to advance my Lion den to Tigers and accidentally moved them to Bears!! How do I make them Tigers without messing it up even further?? Please help!!

The easiest thing to do is to create a new Tiger den, move the leaders to that den by editing their positions (ending roles in Bear den and adding roles in Tiger den) then using the Reassign Scouts button on the den’s roster to move the Scouts into this den. After this is done, use the Edit Den button on the Bear den and disapprove that den. The next time you login, the den will be gone.

I created the new Den and moved the kids over and ended my bear leadership. When I go to add myself as a Tiger leader that rank is not highlighted for me to choose. I can only click on Wolf or Bear??


You need to select Tiger Den Leader not Den Leader

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ok, I’ll try that.
Also, should I have made them back to Lions so I could advance them to Tifers? Even though they are now in a Tiger den their rank still says Lion
Sorry for so many questions and THANK YOU for your help!!

No, the rank shown is the last rank earned, not the rank of the den they belong to.

Also, we recommend advancing dens starting with the bear den and working back to the lion den to minimize the chance of advancing the same den twice.

ok, great! So I can advance them once the den is all setup

When I went to the den to add myself as a new leader, I found myself but the Tiger den is still not a highlighted option to choose under positions? When I clicked position an error comes up that says “Please select a den for position 1. You may need to create the den first from the pack page if it is not showing”
But I have the den created already and the scouts in it?

I’m not sure if I’m talking about the same thing, but I think if you try to add yourself or another den leader through the den leader view, it’s bring you to the older Scoutbook where you’ll need to enter the leader’s name, email, and BSA member ID first, then the den should be available under “positions.”

If you are adding a leader through this view (see screenshot below) then you’ll need to enter the leader’s information first before you can select a role.

On the My Positions page, click +Add then select Tiger Den Leader and the den. This can only be done by you if you are a unit admin. If you are not, ask a unit admin to add you as a Tiger Den Leader.

I see what you are talking about in the My Positions page but the Tiger den is still not an option?. I see all of the rest of the dens?

But I search and can find myself. My BSA number auto populates. I just can’t select the Tiger den?

Try making yourself a unit admin first by selecting the “admin role” checkbox then going back to that page and checking to see whether you can add yourself as the den leader.

I found Tiger Den Leader as a role and now I can select theTiger den.

Do I do this first and then afterwards go back and do the assistant den leader role?
Does it matter which leader I add first?

Rather than using the “my positions” feature from your profile, try selecting the den in question first and then clicking the “add leader” button.

I don’t think the order of leaders added would matter if you don’t revoke any permissions from yourself. However, for safety, I would always recommend adding the position with more privileges first, then the other positions.

Ok, I think I’m on the right path but Scoutbook is having some technical difficulties lol
Until they are fixed can I delete the old den even though I have not added the leaders to the Tiger Den? I’ve just deleted them from the old one.

For the Tiger assistant Den Leader can I just choose Tiger Den Leader? It’s the only way that I can select the den

There are no Tiger Assistant DLs - there is no such position in Scouting as all parents already have to be in attendance.