Unable to Add Calendar Events

I am trying to add calendar events this morning, but it is not working. If I click on a day, I see a short loading pop-up that then disappears. This is prior to their scheduled maintenance window.

Anyone else having this issue?

The maintenance window has no impact on the new calendar which is hosted by Internet Advancement.

Try holding Shift while clicking the refresh button. Also make sure the proper role is selected in the upper right of the IA window.

Tried both of those things with no change in behavior. Performed with Chrome and Safari on a Mac as well as Chrome on Android.


Just to confirm, are you using the Scoutbook calendar or the new Internet Advancement calendar?


I think I see the problem. Your Den Admin role was ended overnight. Please ask a unit admin to restore this role. There is a fix going in later today so that admin roles ended after recharter will not be ended overnight.


If you are an assistant Webelos Den Leader as indicated in Scoutbook, you should also have your Charter Org Rep change our position from Assistant Den Leader to Assistant Webelos Den Leader on the official roster in my.scouting.org.

Got it. Thanks Ed. If you hear nothing back from me assume that resolved the problem.

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