Difference Between Scoutbook & Internet Advancement Scoutbook Mobile?

I’m a brand new den leader and am very confused with the different online tools and sites. I don’t understand how the sites link to each other and what each is used for. Maybe if I summarize what I’m seeing, somebody can set me straight?

Mobile Dashboard:
Scoutbook. This is the money site. It’s called “Mobile Dashboard” but I can only use the features online. My app permissions don’t work. This page has a beige background and simple layout. This is the only place I’m able to send messages to my den and advance individual scouts through ranks. It’s a bit clunkly, especially with the emails/messaging.

Leader Dashboard:
Scoutbook - Den Leader. Also called a dashboard, although not to be confused with the “Mobile Dashboard” above. A cartoon scout playing a guitar greets me on the landing page. I struggle with this site. I can view my den scouts and see some rank info, but I cannot advance them through this site. I can’t email the parents through this site. I can’t navigate from this site to either Mobile Dashboard. I can schedule meetings through this site, but you can’t delete them! Lots of resources for guides and songs and forms. When I set up my den through this site it created automatic meetings that are causing me a big headache.

Internet Advancement:
Internet Advancement.
This site lets me view all the scouts in my pack - not just my den - and see their rank advancements. Nice! But I don’t seem to be able to actually advance the scouts in my den through this site. This looks like a tool for parents, but not leaders. I can access this site through google, but haven’t found a link between the other two.

So there’s where I stand. New den leader very confused by what seem to be 3 scout websites that work pretty independently of each other. If anybody can help set me straight I’d much appreciate it.

@MichaelMoll yes SB is for advancement

Den Leader - as you learned do not even touch this

IA - advancement is not turned on her yet

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