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New Scoutmaster Question, Scoutbook VS Internet Advancement?

Good afternoon,
I am the incoming Scoutmaster for our Troop and have been using Scoutbook since August 2019. During this time, we have been logging each scout advancements, awards, hiking miles, etc for each scout and also using ScoutBook or the day to day operations of the troop such as the calendar, PO’s for the Scout Shop, and Board of Review process. It has been a very useful tool to use for us.

My question is more BSA process related. If The Troop is using Scoutbook, does data such as Scout advancements /awards still needed to be input into Internet Advancement? Will this cause multiple records in Scoutbook?

As we are one of the only Troops in my District using Scoutbook, I cannot get the answers to these questions.

If you are approving items in Scoutbook, you do not also need to enter them in Internet Advancement. In fact, we recommend against using both.

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement both write to the same database. So if you are using Scoutbook, then you do not need to use Internet Advancement. As @jacobfetzer said, we recommend using one or the other, but not both.

Thank you for the reply, was there an official date that Scoutbook was to be used?

Presently, a unit can use Scoutbook or Internet Advancement. They do not have to use one or the other.

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