Scoutbook vs Scouting mobile app

hi i wanted to why scoutbook app is alway update and right and the internet advancement is never update and the same as what the scoutbook app say is there some update that you guys can fix because this was been going on national for 2 years now and i think it’s time for you guys to fix it i have talk to many difference troop and they have the same issue

@Margueriteracine - could you be more specific on what is not up to date in internet advancement. Additionally, there is no scoutbook app. There is and the scouting app.

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It’s a little unclear what isn’t matching between IA2 (now SB+IA) and Scoutbook. Can you be more specific?

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the scouting app is allway update and right is never right and the same as what scouting app say i have talk to many other troop have they have the same issue

We need you to provide specific examples, please.

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like with my grandson scouting app and internet advancement the scouting app is allway right and alllway is the same as the troop recorder and the internet advancement website is never the same as the scouting app and the troop record like his profile where its say his ranks and stuff like today i was looking on the scouting app at this eagle palms and its say both of them were 100% done which is right and when i check on internet advancement website its say 75% done and that not right why is it never the same as the scout app

Advancement is not complete in Internet Advancement - it is just Quasi Live - not functional yet

there need to be an update so everthing is the same

yes can you guys update it so its the same as the scoutapp why has thing not be fix yet i talk to other troop and they have the same issue

Are you looking at at or Screenshots without showing any name or personal info would be helpful.

both and only the scouting app is right why is there not be in update where all the website and scoutapp is the same thing i do not understand why this has not been done you guys update everything all the time and now when am saying an update is need you guys will not do it

Part of the problem we’re having is identifying a specific instance where this is happening. Generally speaking, I’ve found that the Scouting app, Scoutbook and IA all reflect the same information for “Leader Approved” (more on that later) requirements for my scout. The app and Scoutbook always (or within a fairly short timeframe) concur on items marked “Completed”, although IA2 doesn’t necessarily reflect that without me forcing a reload (if the change happened recently).

The app is (in principle) drawing from and writing to the same advancement database as Scoutbook and IA2, as I understand it. So, they should already be showing the same thing, assuming that the app is not being used in offline mode (i.e. where it’s not synchronizing the information back to the main database). If the app is in offline mode, things entered there won’t synchronize to the main database, so there will be a mismatch.

The app is a scout and parent/guardian interface to the database system. Marking a requirement, rank, merit badge, etc “Complete” in the app should also mark it “Complete” in Scoutbook. However, “Complete” is not the same thing in the database as “Leader Approved”, which is a step that must be taken by the registered scouters in the unit to indicate that they have reviewed the “Completed” item and determined it was completed in accordance with the requirements. Only once an item is marked as “Leader Approved” does it show up as having been officially recorded in the advancement database.

internet advancemet is never the same record as what national or my troop has put down the scouting app is allway right there need to be an update

We need some specific examples to be able to solve this. Screenshots of a difference would really help.

ok you want a screenshot hold on

see how its say 100 for both which is right and the other one say 100 and 75 which is not right

@Margueriteracine - so you are looking at and the scouting app.

Something is definitely wrong with the app to show palm #11 as complete before palm #2

It actually looks more like a bug in the app than in Scoutbook.

(Putting aside the obsolete versions of the pins for a moment)

The app is showing Eagle Pin #2 (Gold) as 70% complete, wheres it’s showing 75% complete in Scoutbook. Those are generally in concurrence, although I’ve long had issues with how the app calculates percentages complete.

The circled portion of the screenshot from the app is referring to Eagle Palm Pin #11 (Gold) as being 100% complete, which shouldn’t be possible without having previously completed palms 1-10.

yes scoutbook is the one that not right and the scouting app is the right one