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Discourse forum - New/updated topic font color

Hi, all,

Not sure if this is quite the right place to request this, but is it possible to modify the font color for new or updated topics so that they stand out a bit better from the “read” topics?

Right now, the “black vs gray” isn’t much of a difference on the screens I use, especially if there’s any glare. It would be great if the circled text below was “blue” and bold, or some similarly eye-catching format, to make it more distinct from the gray text. The unread topics don’t “pop” as you’re scrolling past.


ETA: Edited to make my terminology consistent.

Charley - I like the idea but in the interim I set my view to be recent or new as top view or I will click on what is noted as new.

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I have passed the request on to the forum admins.


Looks like we have medium-blue new topic text! Thanks, all!

Yes, the BSA changed the color of the new topic text earlier today. Hopefully this is easier for all to differentiate between read and unread.

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