Discussion forum Question

Could not figure out where to put this. Have a leader (MID 137436044)

One of my people who just got registered go an email titled “Discourse Notification” which stated the following - “Although you may participate in forum discussions, you will not be able to receive notification until you update your email to be used for the forums notifications. We could not use your email associated with your Scoutbook account since it is already in use in forums.”

@edavignon Any insight on this?

Well your council made a MID - so it overwrote the SB User for this person and stole the email in discourse I guess - why can’t registrars take 30 second to search for a name? @edavignon “Update email in Discourse”?

oh I agree so much Donovan Is there something I need to do?

I don’t see anything wrong in the Discourse record. The leader (initials BC) has the same GUID and e-mail as in the record as Akela.

sounds good thank you!!!

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