Warning, another user is using the same email address


I suddenly received the notification “Warning, another user is using the same email address” and no longer have den leadership roles. Can someone assist with this issue?

Thank you

@DavidRouse It looks like your e-mail address is also applied to your Scout. Do you want me to remove it from your Scout’s Scoutbook account?

Jennifer, that would be great. I am not readily seeing how to do that myself.

@DavidRouse I have removed it from your Scout’s Scoutbook account.

With regard to your den leadership roles, I could not find any adult leader registrations for you. (Please note that Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders by the BSA.) You will need to work with your pack leadership to get registered as an adult leader.

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I also just found out that my username details is mixed up with someone else with my same name … so I’d like to try and figure that out as well! How do I get someone to help with this?

@ChristopherJohnson1 I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

@ChristopherJohnson1 this is fixed in SB for you - might take an overnight sync to resolve totally

I get the same warning - “Warning, another user is using the same email address.” My primary BSA ID is 132744755, but I have an alternate in another Council. Please advise.


I’ll look into this


You had another Scoutbook account with a different, unregistered, BSA Member ID. I have merged the accounts and added the other MID to your my.scouting.org ID as a secondary number.

I have been registered as a leader since 2021, Wolf leader and now Bear leader, but I was suddenly removed as a leader a few weeks ago. My pack leadership can no longer find me in Scoutbook and have no suggestions on getting me set up again. Do you have any suggestions?

@DavidRouse Try logging in at my.scouting, and then click on:

Menu → My Profile

Scroll down to the “Registrations” section. What do you see under “Registered Positions”?

The only registrations I can find for you in your current council are as a Lion and Tiger Adult Partner. However, Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered to be registered adult leaders by the BSA (YPT not required, no criminal background check, not approved by COR, etc.)

I recommend that you talk to your pack’s leadership and see if registering online is an option for your pack and council. If it is available, it’s usually the fastest way to get registered.

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I have been getting the same notification that another user is using my email address. I do have a secondary BSA ID in National Capital Area Council (my primary is in Baltimore Area Council),


I will look into this.


You had a duplicate SB account. I have merged the accounts so you will no longer see that message.

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