Changing email in scouting forums

so I dont see a catagory to put this in
I need to change the email address attached to scouting forums
however it tells me that “Email can be updated from SSO provider”
isnt this ? if so it already lists the right remail address


Send an e-mail to Include your name, ID and both the e-mail in Discourse and the e-mail that is in The Discourse forums are supposed to be updated to use the same e-mail address as in

Anyone know how to change an email now? This is the response from that email address and my local council cannot provide assistance with Scoutbook.

“Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020, Member Care Contact Center will no longer be able to support volunteers. Please contact your local council for support.” TIA

@RobinVanDyke Do you need to change an e-mail in the forums? Or an e-mail on a Scoutbook account?

Hi, I need my eamil changed in the forums. It has been changed in SB and with Council. When I try to change it in the forums it tells me “Email can be updated from authentication provider.”

@RobinVanDyke Your e-mail in the forums has been updated to match your e-mail at my.scouting.

Thank you so much for your help.

My old email address is being retired. I have changed it in all of the sites like my.scouting, scoutbook and internet advancment. Would you be able to help me get my forum email to match my.scouting account.

@teddybsa I have updated your e-mail address in the forums.

Jennifer, please update my email in the forums, too. It’s correct on but old in the forums. Thank you.

@BrianCarter2 that is updated

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Can someone update my email (in this forum) it is correct in scoutbook (8193320).

Thank you.

@TravisStephens changed it to the ++++++++143@ email

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I am glad I used the search function. I realized the email on these forums is one I haven’t used in nearly 20 years. My email in my.Scouting is correct, though. 8335058. Could it be updated, please and thank you?


I updated your e-mail address in the forums.