District Committee Basic Position-specific Leader Training

This discussion topic is about the issues related to basic position-specific training for members of a district committee (first published 9/23/2019). For example:

  • What groups of training modules apply to who? operation committee chairs, operation committee members, or both?
  • Do operation committee chairs need to complete district member at large training before operation committee training?

This post is a first DRAFT. Citations need to be added. Content of this post may change.

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Access to my.Scouting tools varies with how people are registered or assigned functional roles in the Organization Security Manager tool.

Committee Structure

The voting members of the district committee include annually elected District Members-at-Large, appointed Chartered Organization Representatives for organizations sponsoring units in the District, elected Council Members-at-Large residing in the District.


  • A prospective district commissioner must be registered as a District Member at Large before being approved as a District Commissioner.
  • The chairs of operating committees as suppose to be District Members at Large.

Training Requirements Document Structure

My first pass observations:

  • Training varies for each registered position or functional role.
    • Training is excepted to take 30 to 90 days to complete, depending on role.
    • Training modules are grouped by
      • Acclimation - same for all
      • Before first meeting, First 30 days, 90 days - varies

District Advancement Chair

The following basic position-specific leader training requirements (2019-09-23) appear to be for the District Advancement Chair. Some of these training module may be of interest to unit advancement chairs/coordinators.

Comparing Some District Training Requirements

If I remember correctly

  • With the possible exception of the Nominating Committee all district operating committee chairs are district members at large.
  • The district commissioner, district committee chair, district committee vice chair(s) are also district members at large.
  • I assume that council members at large residing in the district and chartered organization representatives who are also voting member on the district committee need to complete district member at large training.
  • I assume that the chair and members of district operating committees need to complete additional modules in the D75 requirements specific to the district operating committee.

Unfortunately the folks updating the district committee training requirements do not appear to have understood the national bylaws, rules and regulations. More review is needed before we can get this corrected with the national training folks.

District Commissioner

Aprospective district commissioner is first elected as a district member at large who has the following basic leader training requirements:


A new district commissioner then has the following basic leader position=specific training to complete:


District Member at Large

District members at large (registration code No. 75) are voting members of the district committee. They are nominated by the district nominating committee and are duly elected by the voting members of the district.
District Nominating Committee Worksheet (2011)

District Committee Position Trained Requirements, p. 11 as of 10/14/2019: