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Training Reports - missing certain positions

I am the District Training Chair and I often run the Trained Leaders and YPT report for our district. As I compared the report that I can pull against one from one of the professionals, I noticed that there are several positions that I do not see on my report…District Training Committee Chair being one of them. District Activities Committee Chair and District Camping Committee Chair are a couple more examples.

Is there a security setting that I need to have updated so that I can see all of the leaders or is it a problem with those reports?

Thank you.
Susan Wilson

I am training chairman for my district, and I see the District Chair, Commissioner, Members at Large, Vice Chairs, MBCs, Nova Counselors, and Unit Commissioners when I run the training report. These are registered positions, but the others you mentioned are functional roles. Each of those requires that you already be registered with the district in order to fulfill them.

I checked at my troop also (I’m committee chairman), and see that training status is listed for my SM, ASM, Committee Members, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org Rep, but not for the functional roles I have assigned to other committee members - Unit Advancement Chair, Unit Training Chair, and Youth Protection Champion.

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Thank you very much for your assistance. The problem that I am seeing is that the leader is not listed as District Member-At-Large…he’s just enrolled with his functional role. This clarification between registered positions and functional roles is exactly what I needed. Thanks.

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