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  • Canada: English (Canadian English, en-CA), Français (Canadian French, fr-CA)
  • United Kingdom: English (British English, en-UK)
  • United States: English (American English, en-US), español (Broadcast Spanish)

Languages spoken

Quoted language use information is from The World Fact Book.
published by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The World Factbook provides basic intelligence on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, environment, communications, transportation, military, terrorism, and transnational issues for 266 world entities.


  • Canada
    Population: 37,943,231 (July 2021 est.)

English (official) 58.7%, French (official) 22%, Punjabi 1.4%, Italian 1.3%, Spanish 1.3%, German 1.3%, Cantonese 1.2%, Tagalog 1.2%, Arabic 1.1%, other 10.5% (2011 est.)

Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2016:

Scouting website: Scouts Canada, https://www.scouts.ca/


  • Haiti
    Population: 11,198,240 (July 2021 est.)

French (official), Creole (official)

Scouting organization: Association Nationale des Scouts d’Haïti (ANSH), or Asosyasyon nasyonal eskout dayiti

Scouting website: http://www.scoutsdhaiti.org/ - link not secure

United Kingdom


note: the following are recognized regional languages: Scots (about 30% of the population of Scotland), Scottish Gaelic (about 60,000 speakers in Scotland), Welsh (about 20% of the population of Wales), Irish (about 10% of the population of Northern Ireland), Cornish (some 2,000 to 3,000 people in Cornwall) (2012 est.)

UK Office for National Statistics:

Scouting website: Scouts, https://www.scouts.org.uk/

United States of America

English only 78.2%, Spanish 13.4%, Chinese 1.1%, other 7.3% (2017 est.)

note: data represent the language spoken at home; the US has no official national language, but English has acquired official status in 32 of the 50 states; Hawaiian is an official language in the state of Hawaii, and 20 indigenous languages are official in Alaska

Scouting website: Boy Scouts of America ® | Prepared. For Life.™ (scouting.org)

  • Guam
    Population: 168,801 (July 2021 est.)

English 43.6%, Filipino 21.2%, Chamorro 17.8%, other Pacific island languages 10%, Asian languages 6.3%, other 1.1% (2010 est.)

Editor’s note: Filipino is an official standardized language of the Philippines based on Tagalog. Chamorro is a native language of the Marianas which includes Guam.

BSA Council: Aloha Council - CHamoru District, Guam

  • Puerto Rico
    Population: 3,142,779 (July 2021 est.) Ethic groups note: 99% of the population is Latino

Spanish, English

BSA Council: BSA Concilio de Puerto Rico (scoutingpr.org)

English 71.6%, Spanish or Spanish Creole 17.2%, French or French Creole 8.6%, other 2.5% (2010 est.)

BSA Council: National Capital Area Council (ncacbsa.org) - USVI District - U.S. Virgin Islands (ncacbsa.org)

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US Census Bureau Data

2019 Engish Language Acculturation Research

2020 American Community Survey 1-Year Experimental Estimates

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2020 American Community Survey 1-Year Experimental Estimates
Universe: Households
Geography: Nation, States, and District of Columbia

United States Estimate Margin of Error
Total: 124,345,410 +/-70,167
English only 97,253,416 +/-62,362
Spanish: 15,202,356 +/-32,694
---- Limited English speaking household 2,819,327 +/-15,108
---- Not a limited English speaking household 12,383,029 +/-27,156
Other languages: 11,889,638 +/-26,479
---- Limited English speaking household 2,101,353 +/-12,982
---- Not a limited English speaking household 9,788,285 +/-21,357

Table Notes

  • The 2020 ACS 1-year experimental tables use an experimental estimation methodology and should not be compared with other ACS data. The Census Bureau urges data users to exercise caution when using the 2020 experimental data and to determine whether the data are suitable for their particular use. Refer to the Technical Working Paper for more information about the experimental estimation methodology.
  • Refer to the ACS Experimental Data page for more information about the experimental data release. - Although the American Community Survey (ACS) produces population, demographic and housing unit estimates, for 2020, the 2020 Census provides the official counts of the population and housing units for the nation, states, counties, cities, and towns.
  • Supporting documentation on code lists, subject definitions, data accuracy, and statistical testing can be found on the American Community Survey website in the Technical Documentation section
  • Sample size and data quality measures (including coverage rates, allocation rates, and response rates) can be found on the American Community Survey website in the Methodology section.
  • Data are based on a sample and are subject to sampling variability. The degree of uncertainty for an estimate arising from sampling variability is represented through the use of a margin of error. The value shown here is the 90 percent margin of error. The margin of error can be interpreted roughly as providing a 90 percent probability that the interval defined by the estimate minus the margin of error and the estimate plus the margin of error (the lower and upper confidence bounds) contains the true value. In addition to sampling variability, the ACS estimates are subject to nonsampling error (for a discussion of nonsampling variability, see ACS Technical Documentation). The effect of nonsampling error is not represented in these tables.


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