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Divy up RSVP pictures based on unit; Divy up totals based on unit

When our troop does an activity with our pack, it is great to have one calendar entry for both units. This works well.

The issue is that last night when our troop committee met, we said how many from the troop and how many from the pack are attending? I had to count by hand the scouts from the troop and cubs from the pack that would be attending. The totals at the bottom where grand totals as well.

There is already a dividing line between adult leaders, parents, and cubs/scouts. It would be great to have the screen show AT LEAST adult leaders, parents, scouts from unit 1, scouts from unit 2, etc. If not, it makes this feature much less useful.

I agree this would be a valuable enhancement for units who have shared events in the calendar. I’m not sure how many units handle things this way, though, since it requires at least one person who is in both units to be able to edit the calendar entry. Based on that, I’m not sure where it would end up in the priority queue.

Do you see a lot of units using this functionality? Because of the latter limitation, I’ve mostly seen units coordinate these things by having an adult in each unit responsible for the coordination, with the “lead” unit handling the final counts, based on the data provided by each unit’s coordinator.

What we do is we have add an adult to the “other” unit as “Unit Scouter Reserve” and add them as an admin. This way, the one person can pull the data, send an updated message, etc. It does allow one person to do this vs. manual coordination.

We coordinate 1 campout a year with all 3 units and 1 conservation service project. So, we use it for those.

Where we use it more is engaging the Webelos AOL den. The troop can easily invite them to campouts and troop meetings using this method. It makes it much more “natural” instead of this big deal. So, we have invited the Webelos den to 3 meetings and 3 campouts. In that cause, telling who is who would be easier, but still, it would be nice to divvy it up.

It just seems natural to use.

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