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Scoutbook URL Change

With the URL change coming Monday (11/23/20) to Scoutbook, will users have to enable the extension to run under the new domain name (scouting.org)?


Hey Dan, welcome to the forum.

I’m not a developer on this particular project, but it might help you to know that the answer is probably “yes” since the browser won’t be able to run unless enabled on the new domain. This is just standard for the tools we’re talking about.

What I didn’t see in your post was - what specific extension? What is it’s name, and function? I see “Feature Assistant Extension for…” in the screenshot and I’m guessing “for Scoutbook”.

If that’s the case, then I have bad news and TBD news. Bad news first. This is from the extension page:
“not a product of the Scoutbook development team nor is [it] supported by BSA”

So, yeah, that means what it says but don’t lose hope.

The original developer (Gary Feutz) may update the extension on his own. It’s usually a fairly straightforward task to add/update a URL. But it might take a few days. Also possible, he isn’t involved in active development any more.

I’m reaching out to some folks and will see what I can find out. No promises - much more likely someone more knowledgeable will reply here before I get anything elsewhere.

Hang in there - it’ll work out.


Don’t worry about it Gary is very responsive and probably has a fix ready to go

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The extension already supports the new url, it was added a few releases ago.

However, the heads-up is appreciated because made me think about how different browsers handle permissions and they aren’t all that nice. Not all warn there there is a permissions change needed, they just keep you on the old version. If your extension is not on V.46.0.3 - you may want to update now to get the latest bug fixes.


Excellent, thanks much @GaryFeutz!

By the way - emailed you separately. (suac.gf)

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