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Does Scoutbook automatically purge merit badge counselors with expired Youth Protection Training?

I have been advised by the Council Advancement Team Lead that merit badge counselors with expired Youth Protection Training will be purged from the accessible Scoutbook list. It was described as an automatic daily update function where Scoutbook filters out those the day after expiration. No information was provided about what happens after the training is renewed.

Is this real, or Scouting lore to be filed with, “BSA’s insurance provides no coverage unless the unit files a tour permit and everyone is in uniform.”

Merit Badge Counselors with expired YPT will not appear in the MB Counselor Search results. The day after they renew their YPT, they will appear in the search results.

This is the only effect of YPT expiring. Current connections between the YPT and Scouts remain. They are still able to sign of MBs in Scoutbook.

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