How to get YPT expiration date in Roster Builder?

If I go into Dashboard → Troop → Merit Badge Counselor List
I can get YPT expiration information on MBCs.

However, if I generate a roster report, I cannot.

The roster report is much better as it produces tabulated output of all our troop’s MBCs.

Is there a way to generate a list of the troop’s MBCs that includes YPT expiration information?

Otherwise I have to manually get this information and maintain my own list. Don’t want to do that.

Or, maybe it doesn’t matter?
If YPT expires, are leaders/parents automatically removed as such from Scoutbook?

Not automatic yet, but many councils are enforcing it by suspending their positions (both MBC and in the unit), which carries over to scoutbook. Parents are not removed as parents for expired YPT.

OK, so it sounds like it’s entirely possible to search for an MBC and they show up without current YPT?

And if I generate a Leader/Parent Roster with MBC, I will still get them output even though they have expired YPT?

That’s bad.

What that means is while I can use Scoutbook to generate a list of my troop MBCs, I will have to manually enter each one into the Merit Badge Counslor search engine to retrieve their YPT expiration.

Scoutbook clearly knows the YPT expiration date of people in Scoutbook…they should be suspended immediately in SB if their YPT expires.

Otherwise, you can’t count on any report generated by SB to contain a list of folks who are not YPT expired.

They need to add YPT expiration date as a field for the reports.

MBC search does not show users that are out of YPT date - it is just the SB position does not end

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I recommend that Scoutmasters (or SM’s designee) use the MB Counselor List search function in Scoutbook. This search does not display MBCs whose YPT has expired.

Good to know that the search does not display MBCs with expired YPT.

I need to generate a list for our own internal use that shows all our MBCs and their YPT expiration date. I have figured out how to do this now through the Roster Builder Designer.

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OK, here is an interesting problem.

I have some adults that when I search for them in MBC search, they show up with unexpired YPT training, as they should.

But when I run the Roster Builder with Training and Leaders and Parents turned on, the YPT training is now showing up for the some. Their other training is.

Why would this be?

I also noticed other strange things. For example, it’s outputting my old email address, not what is currently reflected in my account settings.

How trustworthy is this data coming out of Scoutbook?

Scoutbook and Akela (membership data) have not been synched historically. Recently changes have been made to ensure they have the same personal info. If you edit your profile in IA or my.scouting, it will push the data to all the systems. I’d suggest editing and saving it (even if no changes need to be made). Then, it sometimes take a little while (more than a minute or two) to update scoutbook.

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