Eagle Application Positions Issue

Pulled up an Eagle Application and it auto-populated a position that was prior to attaining the rank of Life. BSA ID# 129698462 and the position in question in Den Chief.

Yeah Odd - I will report it to Developers

@JeremyGinsberg I think I would just overwrite the PDF to the Patrol Leader and the ASPL position

Yes I know I could do that, just bringing it up as I am not sure if this is isolated or widespread.

@JeremyGinsberg can you run it again please - should be live in the next hour

Fixed - thanks! Curious, was it a local issue or something that could have impacted others?

Well a change was made in November to look for the longest tenure positions first - in all our testing a star position never came up and devs missed that - as many scouts sit on Life for an extended period of time

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