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Eagle application in scoutbook

Not all my scouts can get the Eagle application in their reports under their advancement. Why can’t they or I as an administrator?

Hi, @RandyHahnSr,

There’s a possibly related thread here. Does any of the advice there help resolve your issue?

Hi Charley. I have 70% of my scouts that can get the report and the others can not. Still baffled as the link you sent me to talks about venturing but this isn’t about that.

Hi, @RandyHahnSr,

In the linked discussion, there is an instruction for a way to access the report other than through the normal hotlink.

I was wondering if trying that workaround was able to get access to the report. There’s a statement in the other thread that there may be a bug in Scoutbook, and I’m wondering if the same work-around would solve your issue while the developers try to resolve the bug. That might also provide more information to the developers if the problem is more pervasive than just for Venturing crew members who are submitting Eagle applications, but are no longer registered with a troop.

@RandyHahnSr a Scout has to be a Life scout to see the Eagle App - are the ones missing it Life Scouts that are both Approved Rank and Approved Membership?

@RandyHahnSr - I would be very willing to set up a screen share to look at the issue. I know from my troop that only have of the scouts have a connection to their accounts. So let’s see you can email after 8:30 EST and we can see what is up.

My life scouts can not see or get it but all my others can

OK just logged in as son and it is gone - reporting it to DEV - thanks @RandyHahnSr

could it be a SSO issue? when I looked at my son’s profile again, I saw that he had a warning that he needed to set up SSO. I haven’t had a chance to put him in front of the computer and have him connect his Scoutbook account to my.scouting yet, so I don’t yet know if that resolves it. I will report back one way or another.

sorry, just realized this was the wrong thread, I thought it was the other one.

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