New Eagle Requirement for Citizenship in Society

Our Scout has completed all Eagle rank requirements with the exception of citizenship in society merit badge as he is supposed to be grandfathered in. We are unable to approve his eagle rank in Scoutbook as the citizenship and society merit badge continues to show as required instead of optional. Please advise!

@BarbaraSutherland - at thetop of the eagle rank are the instructions on what to do in that case. And the unit does not approve eagle rank

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On the Scout’s Eagle Scout Rank Requirements page in Scoutbook, you should see a note near the top:

"IMPORTANT: The 2022 version of the Scouts BSA Eagle Rank has been added to Scoutbook. This version requires the Citizenship in Society Merit Badge to be completed in order to complete Requirement 3 (Merit Badges) and the Eagle Rank.

If a Scout will complete all Eagle requirements except the Eagle Board of Review prior to July 1, 2022, the Eagle rank can be manually switched back to the 2016 version. To do this, click on 2016 above."

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Thanks a million!! I really appreciate the support.


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