Citizenship in Society showing up required for Life Scout ready for Eagle SM Conference

One of our Life Rank Scouts has all of his requirements done for Eagle and is ready to sit for his Scoutmaster conference. He has 21 merit badges and all the Eagle required ones. However, Citizenship in Society is showing up as incomplete in Scoutbook and taking the place of one of his other merit badges that he has completed. Since this merit badge is not required until July 1, how can I make Citizenship in Society not show up in his Eagle rank requirements? I tried adding the merit badge and removing it. It’s still showing up in his rank requirements.

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Debby, Advancement Chair

Check the version of the Eagle Scout rank that’s set for the scout. It’s likely set to the 2022 version.

ETA: Setting it back to the “current” version (i.e. for those who will complete the Eagle requirements before 1 July 2022) will remove Citizenship in Society from the required MB list, and return the elective MB to the list.

Instructions are at the top of the page for Eagle 2022

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@DebbyBell - look for text at the top of the eagle rank page for that scout. It explains what has to be done.

Thanks, Charley! That was the issue! When I selected 2016, Scoutbook removed that merit badge. It also removed approval on requirements 2, 5, and 6, but our Scoutmaster can easily re-approve those since he’s the one who approved them in the first place.

I appreciate your help!

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