Eagle Requirement #7 BOR, note 13

Hello, in Scoutbook, for Eagle Requirement #7, there is a note 13 that reads as follows:
An Eagle Scout board of review may occur, without special approval, within three months after the 18th birthday. Local councils must preapprove those held three to six months afterward. To initiate approval, the candidate, the candidate’s parent or guardian, the unit leader, or a unit committee member attaches to the application a statement explaining the delay. Consult the Guide to Advancement, topic, in the case where a board of review is to be conducted more than six months after a candidate’s 18th birthday.

  • This seems to be in conflict with the current Guide to Advancement language in Paragraph, which actually reads:
    An Eagle Scout board of review may occur, without special approval, up to 24 months after a scout’s 18th birthday.
  • It feels like the note 13 language in Scoutbook is incorrect.

That looks to be a change that was missed - thanks for pointing it out


The Eagle Requirements at https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/2022-Eagle-rank.pdf

There appears to be a discrepancy between the Eagle Requirements and Guide to Advancement. The BSA needs to resolve the discrepancy before Scoutbook can be updated.

I expect the language in the scout handbooks hasn’t caught up with the Guide to Advancement. How are BSA discrepancies such as this resolved? Will the SUAC inform BSA? Is there something I should do?

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