Eagle Palm entry post 18th birthday

If an eagle scout has his board of review post 18th birthday is there any way for us as a unit to add his palms (extra MB earned prior to eagle) or do we need to have council do it (as scout has disappeared from scoutbook). Do we need to do a paper advancement form?


Is the Scout still on your roster at my.scouting.org? If so, then he should still be on your roster in Scoutbook.

They tend to pop off after thier 18th birthday

They are not supposed to - unless they are dropped at recharter or they turn in an adult application.

I can certainly attest to the fact that my 18+ year old scouts are still in scoutbook including one that is 27 years old with an exemption.

Ok here is some followup scout aged out in February. There is a membership end date of April with a comment that end date was set by Akela System. I was actually able to view his record as he is registered in Crew and his Palm is showing in the crew needs purchasing report. On a side note I also have a crew member who belongs to another troop and I see his Merit Badges on the needs purchasing report.

There were some previous issues with the Member Update automatically ending memberships for 18-year-old Scouts. That should be fixed now. If you see any recent issues with an 18-year-old Scout who is still on your Scout roster (not converted to an adult), then please send an e-mail to Scoutbook support at:


My question is how do you put the eagle rank on the advancement report that goes to the scout office since the eagle rank does appear on the purchase order? I know that the scout is not official an Eagle Scout until National approves it.

John - technically it is not needed on the Advancement report as it is not the units job to enter that - it is the councils job. Or are you asking from the purchasing side?

Once National approves Eagle, it’ll flow through into Scoutbook as approved. Then, you mark the Palms as earned on the same dates as the EBOR.

When I turn in the scout’s signed Eagle application after his board of review to the scout office, I also send in an Advancement Report for the scout’s Eagle Rank and any palms. The palms show up because they are in the purchase order, but not the Eagle Rank.

Well I think what it is - there is no way for a unit to approve Eagle Rank, so it can never show on the Advancement Report which shows things that the Unit has approved.

A unit can approve Palms which is why they show up.

The Advancement Report is there just to show what the unit is approving


Ok thankyou very much…

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