Edit ASM first/last name

Is there anyone who can edit a users first & last name in my.scouting profile?
BSA Member # 13730993 , his first and/or last name has a leading and/or trailing space and he not able to complete his registration process. He gets a message “leading or trailing whitespaces are not allowed”

He is UNABLE to modify in his profile as those fields are disabled on his account

Thank you in advance

Your council registrar would be the best bet. If not, they can open a ticket with national.

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@PatrickMaguire Is the user able to log in to Scoutbook Plus (formerly Internet Advancement)?

If so, he might be able to fix it himself by clicking on the menu button (upper left corner) and clicking on Profile. Make sure to click on “Save Changes” when done.

He was unable to do that since his account is locked out? Are you able to unlock the account? We reached out to registrar and he is correcting the names

The locked out user’s BSA Member # 13730993

Thank you in advance…


Your council can unlock the account.