Update Name in scouting.org Profile


Whenever I registered my account, long, long, ago, I entered my first and last name with lowercase letters, and skipped my middle name altogether.

I would like to update my records to capitalize my first and last names, and add my middle name.

Is there any way for me to update this, or someone I can reach out to for help?


Your council registrar is the only one who can fix this.

How do I find my council registrar? NCAC, if you can point me to a specific person.


Call Arely Alarcon



301 214-9154



Adults can update their name in the My.Scouting profile page. This isn’t a registrar only thing.


This is fixed.

Thanks for pointing this out! They are editable fields if you go to “my profile” vs “my account”.

Hi. I am not able to edit my profile in my scouting.

My last name is “Soo Hoo” , but only “Hoo” is on the profile.
It also lists gender as male, when it should list female.
These are both items I cannot edit in the platform.

Your help is appreciated.

You will need to contact your council to make these changes.

Thank you for the fast response. Will do.

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