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How to credit elective to Webelos rather than AOL rank

I have a scout who was working towards her Webelos and AOL ranks simultaneously; her original pack disbanded in January 2020 and then COVID hit necessitating concurrent work. Bevause crossover is on the horizon, we had her finish her AOL rank first and then complete the last few requirements for Webelos. Just last week (LAST WEEK!), I was able to go in to her profile and use the Working Towards option to switch between Webelos and AOL to credit her requirements on two different elective adventures accordingly. The Working Towards option is no longer under a scout’s profile.

I have tried the following work arounds (and likely others I don’t remember) to no avail.

  • Entering requirements while under Webelos rather than AOL
  • Quiz Entry for her patrol
  • Back dating the completion of her 2nd elective

Does anyone know how I credit an elective to Webelos rather than AOL so she can earn both ranks?

Thank you in advance!
Christy Billingsley
Pack 200
Plano, TX

You will need to undo the AOL rank. The Webelos rank is not required for a 5th grader in order to earn AOL rank. But if both ranks are earned, Webelos has to be earned before AOL rank (the date for both ranks can be on the same day).

I tried to delete the AOL earlier today and wasn’t able. I tried it again and it worked. Thanks for the quick reply! If we weren’t moving on from cub scouts this week, Scoutbook may well have been the death of me!


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