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Electives in Scoutbook? [Sea Scouts]


As an 18-year-old Sea Scout working toward obtaining the rank of Quartermaster, I am having challenges seeing the different electives for ranking up in Scoutbook. I want to know the most up-to-date options and possibly work toward them plus put in the ones I have completed. Is there a way for me to view the electives? Thank you for your help and wisdom on this matter!

By the way, I enjoy the change in Advancement and Awards for Sea Scouts and Venturing. Keep up the great updates!

It is quite simple - go to your profile > click Electives > click Red Add Elective > choose discipline and you are set

@DonovanMcNeil After clicking on the red “Add Elective” button, I am brought to a page that only shows the “America’s Boating Club (formerly United States Power Squadron)” electives, nothing more. The page does not have a way to view the other electives, and I can only select between the three different-tiered electives under that category to put in a date. Am I doing something wrong?

click america’s boating - it is a dropdown window

@DonovanMcNeil It is not showing a dropdown menu for me. I have tried clicking everywhere and nothing occurs. Is this a bug or only viewable by admins?

ok - just signed on as Scout - yes it is a :bug: bug - I will report it

Thank you so much! I know the fix will be very helpful not only for me but for other youth Sea Scours working on advancement.

I would try the Scouting app to see if that is a backdoor for you

I have tried using the app, but for some reason, my advancements will not show. I have tried refreshing the page multiple times, but it hasn’t updated.

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