Sea Scout electives

Sea Scout youth are unable to see electives in Scoutbook. We have a Sea Scout youth that has an elective marked as completed and was leader approved in error. We were able to uncheck the leader approval but when the ‘remove elective’ button is clicked Scoutbook displays a popup that says “removing elective” with the spinning wait circle but it eventually times out with no action taken. Why can’t youth see their elective options and how can they get this elective removed?

Remove elective worked fine for me on both an elective associated with a rank and one that was not.

On viewing electives I will have to test that

Signing on as a Scout I see Electives - but if they are Dual registered they need to select the Ship here.

I do think there is a bug as I could not save an Elective and will report that

Thanks, Donovan.

Signing on as the youth (he’s my kid) I’ve made sure the Ship is selected. I go to the rank he’s working on and see the erroneous elective applied. I click into it and Scoutbook gives the loading pop-up and then returns to the My Dashboard screen. The same result occurs if I try to add a new elective, say for QM. The electives are not shown to him at all.

Signing in as myself – as Committee Chair – clicking into the rank he’s working on I see the elective. I can open the elective (racing 2) and click remove but it enters the infinite wait cycle. Clicking into QM and going to add a new elective, I can locate the erroneous racing 2 one and click the green checkbox to edit but the same infinite wait result occurs when trying to remove it.

OK I was going from the Elective Tab on Profile - not from within the rank - I will make a note of that also

Try going (as you) to Youth Profile and clicking electives there to see if they can be cleared

Logged in as myself, went to the youth profile record, clicked into the elective, then clicked the remove button. Same results of the infinite wait.

hmmmmm - it clears in 2 secs for me (and on test server have done it like 10 times this morning in various ways) - his membership is approved? your position is approved?

You might need to send an email with all the info to

Correct, both his and my memberships are approved. I’ll send an email off to support. Thanks for the assist!

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