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Hello. For some reason, I cannot attach more than one attachment when emailing my Pack in Scoutbook. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I’ll select attach file and it appears. However, if I try to add another, it appears by name but the first attachment no longer appears. Help!

@MikeMcCarthy - it is best to attach the files at the same time. They should be in the same folder to make that selection easier.

To add to that, I think with Scoutbook you HAVE to have them in the same folder (at least that is my experience) and hold down shift to select the next file. Other programs have the option to add files, but Scoutbook gives you one chance and, as you see, will replace the previous with the next if you don’t hold down shift.

Great advice, gentlemen! Thank you! I’ll try that next time.

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