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Uploading Multiple Files through Scoutbook email

Twice now our Troop has tried to upload more than one file when sending a message. One was for various forms for summer camp and one was an order for Class B and other items to order so we wanted to upload pictures. Currently, we are only able to upload one file to attach and send out. Can this possibly be fixed? It’s not OK to send out 3-4 separate emails when you can do it in one email. Thank you!

Cheryle - you can attach multiple files if they reside in the same folder or file system location.Nothing to be fixed as nothing is broken.

Hi, Cheryle,

Typically, I don’t attach documents unless I have to. Generally, I include links in the body of the email, since some of our recipients have absurdly low size limits on incoming emails.

As @Stephen_Hornak wrote, I can grab a group of files to attach from the same directory, but I’ve never had success if I try to attach files from different subdirectories.

Cheryle - Charley does make a very valid point about attachment sizes. In order to keep a handle on storage appliances many email provides limit the attachment size of emails and or email volume. So do keep that in mind with attachments.

OK, thank you. These aren’t websites so can’t do links, and the files are separated, so that doesn’t work either. Multiple emails it is instead of one since you can only attach one file at a time. Thanks!

You can send multiple files in one email. All the files have to be in the same folder, and you use control-click to select them.

Cheryl- have you carefully read the instructions and you can not attach multiple files ?

Thank you, I appreciate it! I will try that.

Thanks again,


If you run into issues you can email me at and we can do a remote session to work through it.