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I’ve searched the forum and see that the Scoutbook email functionality seems to be very limited. The inability to format emails—even with simple functions like bold, bullets and adding hyperlinks to text—creates a very difficult to read newsletter. The lack of a function to schedule it also creates challenges when we send our weekly blast on the same day each week.

How do other users send newsletters? I’m trying to find a solution since we are transitioning to Scoutbook from TroopMaster and the email tool is not ideal.

Thank you.

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It does have basic formatting, although it’s archaic. You can wrap text as you would with html.

Bold [b]this is bold[/b]
Italics [i]italic[/i]
Underline [u]underline[/u]
Strikethrough [s]strike this text[/s]
URL (link) [url][/url]
URL (text) [url=]Scoutbook[/url]
Image [img][/img]

Bold this is bold
Italics italic
Underline underline
Strikethrough strike this text
URL (link) [url][/url]
URL (text) Scoutbook

IMO a better option is to create your newsletter in Google Docs, Slides, etc, then just send a link to that.

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Following up with another tool I stumbled upon… Scoutbook uses Bulletin Board (BB) code, which was cutting edge 25 years ago. Fortunately there are lots of editors that will allow you to create your newsletter with modern graphical interface elements then convert to BB to paste into SB Messages. You are, however, still limited to the features above: bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, links, and image embedding.

I still think it’s easier and more functional to link to a Google Doc, but for a simple email with a link, BB code editors might be the way to go. Good luck!

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