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RSVPs from Multiple Troops/Packs

I am part of two packs and two troops - 4 groups in Scoutbook. My boys are at different levels, and chose different Troops, and I am a COR for another group.

Is there any way to have the email notices state the originating Pack or Troop? I find I cannot tell without opening the email and seeing the location or author and even then I’m sometimes not sure which group sent the notice if I know the Troop and Pack are doing a joint event.


It would be nice if after the “Reminder:” it then automatically put “Pack ###” then whatever title associates.

Does anyone know if this is a setting? I have asked if groups could put it in their subject lines themselves, but it is often forgotten and most families are only in 1 group or 2 if they have cubs and scouts. But even the 2 group families agree it would be nice to be able to tell.

As a secondary note; there is no way currently to RSVP with guests - if I am bringing siblings or my spouse to an RSVP event, other than adding a note and posting, it would be nice if we could include a number with the Yes responses.

Thank you in advance,


There are no settings to adjust the e-mail that is sent from calendar reminders. The workaround we suggest is it put the unit in the title of the event so it is in the subject of the e-mail.

There are plans to eventually update the calendar system. Improving the reminders to include unit in the subject is on the requested feature list. We do not have a final feature list or schedule for this work.