Entering IA Activities Creates an un-editable Scoutbook Calendar Entries that are SYNCED

Entered two Internet Advancement (IA ) Activities (for Service hours) tonight and they crossed over to Scoutbook and created Calendar Events that are somehow synced to their IA entry!!

HOWEVER the Scoutbook Calendar events aren’t fully functional

In the details of the Scoutbook Event it lists the following:


When the “HERE” is clicked, I get a Whoops! We cannot find the page your wanted…"

I cannot delete nor edit this Scotubook event created by IA Activities entry.

I’ve changed the Time of the event in IA Activities and the Time of the event changes in Scoutbook!

I did this for an event on 05 December (a week ago) as well as an event on 11 December (Earlier today).

Background (How I got these entries)
The IA Activities were created and entered today by using the IA Roster, selecting the Scouts, Selecting Record Progress, and using the listset arrow selecting Service Hours.
Then returned to IA Activities and edited the Service Hours Event to add the adults in attendance.
When I returned to Scoutbook, I noticed I had Scoutbook Calendar Events added to our Scoutbook Calendar.

Have I entered the Twilight Zone or is there some new connection between the two?

Best, Jay Woolston

I am having the same issue.

@CM32 @JaphetWoolston Please go to the calendar event in Scoutbook and look at the URL. Provide the event ID. Thank you.


I deleted one of the synced/linked events by deleting the Internet Advancement Activity and the Scoutbook event was deleted.

But here are two Scoutbook event IDs that are synced/linked to Internet Advancement Activities:


This one bleow, I created to test the anomaly (or is it by design now?) last night:


I looked at the associated events in Internet Advancement and hovered over the activity and it states:

“This Activity is associated with a calendar event”

all my others usually state: “this is a group activity”.

Thanks Jacob


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I have reported this to the developers.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Many Internet Activity Events continue to populate the Scoutbook Calendar with a duplicate event (that can’t be deleted on the Scoutbook side).

Still no clear reason why many (buy not all) IA activities are linked to the ScoutBook calendar with an un-editable Scoutbook Calendar entry.

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The developers are aware of the issue.

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I’ve added another activity and this time a duplicate did not show up in the Scoutbook Calendar.

Is there an update on this?

I think we just have to live with the anomaly and work around it best we can as the developers are aware of the issue.

I still get Internet Advancement activities that generate a new Scoutbook calendar event but not always. Trying to determine the commonality/root cause of the generated Scoutbook calendar. It would be fine if the Scoutbook event were editable but that is not the case.

Usually have to delete the IA activity (which deletes the Scoutbook calendar event) and create a new IA activity and hope it doesn’t generate a Scoutbook calendar event.

We always put our IA events in after the event. I assume this is a work around as the anomalous Scoutbook entries would be in the past.

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